Blogging for Beginners

Blogging for Beginners in 2017

We believe that one of the best ways to create a brand, improve sales and market your business is through blogging. Our ultimate objective is to help businesses, webmasters and blog owners to achieve these.

Well, if your plan to make money blogging you found the right place. I offer you some ideas and resources to build your blog and start making cash online.

I don’t say that you can make cash immediately neither magically, you need to put some work in order to build your blog, add content, publish them and generate traffic to your blog, but these can tasks can be done by yourself or outsourced.

The first thing you must decide is what is the topic you want to blog, in other words what is the niche for your blog, better to start with something that you like or know a lot, because this make easier the focus in your niche and allows you be more productive and see results faster.

Second, look for keywords related to your niche, you have to look at least 20 that show some searches not so much in order that you don’t use the most competitive of them.

Third, look for articles about your niche in order to find ideas about it and write your own articles around your 20 keywords or outsource them. The articles for your blog should be of around 300 to 350 words.

Fourth add your Google Adsense code in your blog, in this way you will have other way to generate cash with your blog.

Fifth, add your optin form for your newsletter and give a related product to the people who join it. This is one of the most valuable resources you will generate with your blog, because in this way you will have the opportunity to send them your offers and make cash.

Sixth: choose at least 4 affiliate programs in your niche that offer good products and good commissions, at least 50%, and with gravity of 55% or higher, write and honest review about each one and add in the category of products review.

Seventh: write an article, add your signature linking to your blog and publish in the articles directories, and you can see the traffic coming to your blog and generating some cash.

Write more posts and articles and continue adding to your blog, send weekly messages to your new list about the products you find and review and new offers and see the cash generated by your blog.